About Us

Often it’s the smallest things, that can have the greatest meaning - like an exceedingly good cake from Mr Kipling.

Our Story

Mr. Kipling has been bringing joy to people for over 50 years. As the UK’s #1 cake brand, we know how to make any moment a little more special. Carefully baked and beautifully decorated, these exceedingly good cakes taste as delicious as they look. So, don’t wait too long for a big occasion, celebrate the small stuff; a coffee break, meeting a friend, finishing that to do list and make every day delicious.
Mr. Kipling – Exceedingly Good Cakes.


Smart Snacking

We love chatting to the people who love our cakes. And it’s especially interesting to hear about their snacking habits. It might sound familiar to you, but most people snack because they want an energy boost or a rewarding treat. And while having a little something sweet every now and then is okay, it’s important to be smart about the portion.